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We are an actuarial consulting firm specialising in providing actuarial services for lawyers acting on behalf of unions, employee groups and individual pension plan members. We are also specialists in the preparation of actuarial reports for the capitalized value of pension entitlements for purposes of lump-sum equalization payments required under Family Law of Ontario for divorce settlements.


Tian-teck Go, FSA, FCIA
Teck Go, our consulting actuary, is a Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries. He was Director, Actuarial Services Branch, Pension Commission of Ontario, from 1992 to 1996. Teck has extensive knowledge of the regulatory requirements governing pension entitlements. He has many years of experience working together with lawyers, and has been preparing actuarial reports on matrimonial matters since 1996.
  Barbara Scott, ASA, ACIA
Barbara Scott has extensive experience in pension valuation and in preparing documents communicating pension and actuarial concepts to non-actuaries. She has more than ten years of actuarial experience in various areas of the pension industry. She has been involved in the preparation of actuarial reports on marriage breakdown since 2000.


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